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Erasmus+ Exchange Program

The Erasmus+ Program is a European Exchange Program that offers students the opportunity to Learning Mobility and Traineeship Mobility, and staff the opportunity to Training Mobility and Teaching Mobility.

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Mevlana Exchange Program

Mevlana Exchange Program is a program that makes it possible to exchange students and teaching staff between higher education institutions providing education in the country and higher education institutions providing education abroad. Unlike other exchange programs, the mobility within the exchange program includes higher education institutions all over the world, regardless of any geographical region.


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Farabi Exchange Program

Student and Faculty Exchange Program Between Higher Education Institutions "Farabi Exchange Program" is a student and faculty exchange program between higher education institutions that provide education at associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels within universities and high technology institutes within the country.


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Orhun Exchange Program

Students and Faculty Exchange Program between the member universities of the Turkish Universities Union (TÜRKÜNİB).

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