About Program

Student Acceptance

Student acceptance to under graduate program can be done according to the following ways:

* LYS results

* Under graduate transfer

* Graduate transfer

* Engineering completion

Base LYS score values to be able to be accepted to the department varies annually according to the preferences of the students and the changes in the examination system. How the students transferring from another higher education institution to our department can be exempt from the courses they had already passed is defined in the Gazi University Education and Examination Regulation.


Under Graduate and Graduate Transfers

Under graduate transfer is carried out according to the “Regulation Related to Under Graduate Transfer Issues between Higher Education Institutions in Associate and Undergraduate Degrees Levels”.

Students who want to be a student by under graduate transfer in the departments of faculty have to appeal to Gazi University Presidency Head Department of Student Affairs. Every department should inform their annual under graduate student quota to the Faculty Deanery. Students who want to appeal for under graduate transfer must not have any credits remained from former semesters and must have a general grade point average in the following ways;

  • At least 60% to be able to transfer the third semester,
  • At least 65% to be able to transfer the fifth semester,
  • At least 70% to be able to transfer the seventh semester.

Furthermore, LYS score of the student in that year can be utmost 5 points under the base score of the department that they will appeal to transfer. All of the students are sequenced according to their general grade point averages and then accepted according to the determined quota of the department for that year. LYS scores are decisive when the general grade point averages of two students are equal.

Graduate transfer is carried our according to the “Regulation Related to Continuation of Graduates of Vocational Schools and Open University Associate Degrees to Bachelor’s Degrees”.

Adjustment of the students who are accepted according to under graduate or graduate transfers are made by the opinions of the committee of the related department and decisions of Administrative Board of the Faculty.


Double Major

Students who resumes their own department programs with superior achievement, can have another bachelor’s degree diploma according to the “Gazi University Double Major and Minor Program Regulation” since 2003-2004 academic year.


Terms of Graduation

Terms of graduation of our students are stated in the 8th clause of the Gazi University Education and Examination Regulation, and can be seen hereinafter;

Normal education period for undergraduate program is maximum four years (8 semesters) for vocational school programs, seven years (14 semesters) for bachelor’s degree programs, and nine years (18 semesters) for graduate programs without a need of re registration, and students who could not graduate from their programs after these periods could register by paying the education charge and student contribution margin belonging to the related semester according to the 38th clause.

To have a bachelor’s degree diploma, a student has to fulfill all of the 154 credits of compulsory and selective courses of the related department program, should not to be discharged according to the 39th and 40th clauses of Education and Examination Regulation, and has to have a general grade point average of 2.00. These terms are controlled by the advisors of the students, when a student is about to be graduated. 


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