Terms of Graduation


Terms of graduation of our students are stated in the 8th clause of the Gazi University Education and Examination Regulation, and can be seen hereinafter;

Normal education period for undergraduate program is maximum four years (8 semesters) for vocational school programs, seven years (14 semesters) for bachelor’s degree programs, and nine years (18 semesters) for graduate programs without a need of re registration, and students who could not graduate from their programs after these periods could register by paying the education charge and student contribution margin belonging to the related semester according to the 38th clause.

To have a bachelor’s degree diploma, a student has to fulfill all of the 154 credits of compulsory and selective courses of the related department program, should not to be discharged according to the 39th and 40th clauses of Education and Examination Regulation, and has to have a general grade point average of 2.00. These terms are controlled by the advisors of the students, when a student is about to be graduated.