Laboratory Infrastructure

Five laboratories serve in Industrial Engineering Department, to be able to give the required education or our era and raise new engineers who have the abilities of planning manufacturing resources such as human, machines and information, realizing design and organization, making efficient decisions for continuous improvement of quality, being independent on decision making and having a researcher character.

Three computer laboratories are constituted for our undergraduate and graduate students with the aim of helping the education and research activities of them. Basic Computer Science and C/C++ Programming Language, Computer Aided Engineering Drawing and Performance Assessment and Management courses are performed in Laboratory II, which has 48 computers with internet connection and access right to several national and international libraries and online resources and catalogs.  Students can use this laboratory for their own studies by appointment, out of course sessions, furthermore, they can do their homework and projects in the Laboratory I, which has currently 25 computers. The third computer laboratory of our department has 18 computers in it and all of these are adequate to serve the academic studies and researches of our academic staff, this laboratory is used by our academicians and the required package programs are installed there by our department. 

Detailed information about the laboratories of our department can be reached from the following links.

Laboratory I (D-401)

Laboratory II (D-403)

Laboratory III (D-412)

Flexible Manufacturing Systems Laboratory

Ergonomics Laboratory